#CvilleBlackBiz post featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow!

Credit: Ézé Amos/Charlotesville Tomorrow

Credit: Ézé Amos/Charlotesville Tomorrow

I started this the #CvilleBlackBiz post on Small Business Saturday after a Facebook friend made a comment about the lack of support for local Black-owned businesses. I realized that there was no place for folks to reference the dynamic and growing number of Black-owned small businesses in the area, so I created a Facebook post inviting my Facebook friends to tag local Black-owned businesses in the comments. I was shocked to see how many people began to tag, share, like and comment! I realized that we were amassing quite the number of businesses, and decided to create a space online for folks to reference these businesses! I created a blog post that lists over 60 Black-owned local businesses! Recently, Charlottesville tomorrow interviewed me about the directory!

After a conversation with a friend about supporting small black-owned businesses in the area, Wright began to post about the ones she knew of and then researched more. Her post circulated on social media, garnering more than 1,000 views. 

To learn more about the #CvilleBlackBiz directory check out this article from Charlottesville Tomorrow!

It’s exciting to see this post garner more attention! I hope to continue to grow this list and create a space for Black entrepreneurs to grow and be supported. Click here to see the original post.

If you’d like to add an existing #CvilleBlackBiz to the directory, please email me directly at admin@hellodestineewright.com